• January 24, 2011

Minnesota Litigator recommends the following recipe to win every single lawsuit every single time:  (1) a totally meritorious case both as to the facts and the law, (2) the lawyer’s complete mastery of all relevant facts and law, (3) completely unreasonable and obtuse opposing litigants, and (4) a tribunal blessed with the wisdom to tell the difference between you/your case and your adversaries’.

Kidding aside, there are many aspects of every lawsuit over which the lawyers have no control, of course, but also aspects within the sole control of counsel.  Last week, the Minneapolis law firm of Fredrikson & Byron, P.A. hosted its “Annual Judges Panel and Reception Discussion with the Minnesota Court of Appeals: Candid Conversation about Practicing in the Court of Appeals” and Hon. Gordon W. Schumaker circulated his advice to litigators on those aspects of their jobs where they can truly make a substantial difference in the success (or failure) of their cases.  Needless to say, Judge Schumaker’s deep experience and insights makes such advice invaluable.

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