• April 21, 2014
Hafrsfjord near Stavanger (Norway)

Hafrsfjord near Stavanger (Norway)

After the jump, I discuss another recent example why I have a rule of never going to trial by myself from the case of Ewald v. Royal Norwegian Embassy.

I have previously analogized trial to “‘whac-a-mole’ on steroids,” by which I mean that trial lawyers face literally simultaneous demands (e.g., listen to witness testifying, prepare cross examination, listen to whispering client, analyze opposing counsel’s questions for potential objections) and near simultaneous demands (e.g., review latest drafts of jury instructions, verdict forms, deal with surprise motion, draft surprise motion, make sure witnesses will show up at the right time, etc, etc, etc).

You’re preparing for trial AND you are preparing to take trial testimony of a witness remotely over video in Europe AND the remote witness wants to swear a special Norwegian oath (and you have to figure out the legal implications (if any) of that????).

(This correspondence over a single day highlights the trial lawyer juggling as good as any. (See here and here.))

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