• April 4, 2016

For an ex-lawyer/writer, Seth’s recent out-cry for content presents too tempting an offer.

In the 1990’s I was a commercial real estate lawyer in Manhattan.  A small, aggressive hotel acquisition/management company called Starwood Lodging was a client of the firm and Mario Cuomo occupied a corner office.  “Junior Attorney” comes from that strange and stressful period in my life.

The profession has changed of course.  This is a look backward.

Junior Attorney

Maybe it was the cadence.  Our cabbie misheard
and dropped us with a gesture in a direction
he assured us was right.  Why he’d have
thought that, with us in our silk and wool
finery, is anyone’s guess.   Sabotage,
perhaps.  It’s amazing how, half-
bellwether, half-wedge, the palaces
of the rich sometimes lean on poorer
neighborhoods. Though holding
documents worth millions we had
nothing to worry about.  The home-
less guy wanted to help and knew
where the Ritz was.  We’d soon stand
in thirsty terrycloth on steamy marble.
It was a supervised closing.  For a bill
too big to tip with I substituted change.

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