• September 5, 2014

Jesse VenturaThe Jesse Ventura defamation lawsuit against Chris Kyle (and then the estate of Chris Kyle after his tragic death) was the proverbial poster-child for a jury trial. Two sides had two stories. One of the two sides was lying. A jury was asked to figure out who was lying and, if it was the defendant, the jury was asked to assess damages for the lie.

Having done that, and the jury having decided that Chris Kyle lied and that Chris Kyle’s lying caused damages to Jesse Ventura, do Chris Kyle’s lawyers genuinely believe that U.S. District Court Judge Richard H. Kyle, Sr. (D. Minn.) will throw the verdict out?

Yes, they believe that. And Bob McDonnell’s criminal defense lawyers believed that Bob McDonnell did not know in advance that a rich businessman gave his wife $50,000 and believed that when McDonnell found out about the payment, he did not demand that she return it because “he was too beaten down by their marital rows to demand she return the money.”

Yes, McDonnell’s lawyers undoubtedly believed that too.

Well, maybe not. Who’s to say?

In any event, the Ventura v. Kyle case is far from over, which is unfortunate in many people’s opinions because it should never have been started in the first place, even if Chris Kyle was an out-and-out liar.

We can expect Kyle’s side to lose on the post-trial motions and we can expect an appeal to follow. Who knows? Maybe we can enjoy a retrial after remand in 2016 or so?

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