• March 17, 2014
Karen Cole

Karen Cole

Minnesota Litigator is delighted to have Karen Cole as a new contributor!

Karen Cole owns Premium Legal Writing.  She enjoys helping other lawyers with all aspects of civil litigation, especially appeals, motions, legal research, and discovery management.

Karen graduated from Carleton College with a biology degree.  She graduated from William Mitchell College of Law in 1986, summa cum laude and first in her class. She then clerked for three years: one year for Minnesota Supreme Court Justice M. Jeanne Coyne, and two years for U.S. District Court Judge Robert G. Renner (D. Minn.).  She became a partner at two Minnesota firms, Popham Haik, and Kennedy & Graven, handling all phases of civil litigation and cases ranging from simple to complex.  Karen is chair of the MSBA Appellate Practice Council this year.

Karen’s other interests are birdwatching, baking and family history.

Her web site is www.premiumlegalwriting.com.

I am honored and humbled by her participation and look forward to her posts as I am sure Minnesota Litigator readers all do.

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