• March 18, 2014
Photograph by Maura Teague

Photograph by Maura Teague

One of Minnesota Litigator’s most insightful and treasured readers has yet again helped this blog by cluing in its clueless Editor-in-Chief. Specifically, I have learned that Dorian Nakamoto, the man outed by Newsweek as Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto, has hired a lawyer to help him fend off press inquiries, Ethan Kirschner, a graduate from the University of Minnesota School of Law. My source tells me that Mr. Kirschner graduated with his U of M law degree in 2003 (which I have not had the time to confirm).

What I find interesting about this is how Mr. Kirschner has gotten more press, in a matter of days, than most lawyers (let alone Minnesota lawyers) get in a life-time.

Mr. Kirschner presumably has not drawn many clients from his law firm website. And I do not expect his law firm blog has very many “clicks,” let alone “conversions.”  And I am pretty sure that “Avvo” has not been a very good source of business for Mr. Kirschner (or any other lawyer, by the way (link to my low esteem for Avvo). Who knows how Mr. Kirschner crossed paths with Mr. Nakamoto but his legal career may be well on its way to being very successful! Congratulations, Ethan Kirschner, and may this be a stepping stone to acclaim and greatness for you! (And maybe now you can send a little $$$ love back to the U of M Law School, which got you where you are today?)


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