• November 1, 2013

Hal9000if you do not see the darkening clouds of eventual technological obsolescence, you might want to remove your blindfold (though this transition may be over a few more decades). I note the recent news from the Mankato Free Press that Mayo Clinic Health Services is laying off 42 Mankato-area transcriptionists, with that work being “transitioned” to Precyse.  (That the transcription company has a misspelled word for a name should raise no read flags. Node out in my mind.  Hugh, get the point.)

How do you think Precyse is a better bargain over Mayo’s Mankato-based transcriptionists?  Off-shored to India or some other place with a lower cost but comparable if not superior human work force?  Maybe.  But maybe not.  Probably not.  Probably voice-recognition/voice-transcription computers, with human editors.  And, over time, as most of us recognize, many of us fear, but others of us see as exciting, even the human editors for voice transcription will be less and less needed.

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