• April 3, 2015

HourglassI often quote a large firm lawyer friend who used to give advice about the reasonable limits of spousal whining: “Your spouse will tolerate you complaining about not having enough work. Your spouse will tolerate you complaining about having too much work. It is only fair that your spouse will draw the line, though, if you complain about both at the same time.”

I have been there. I have done that.

The fact is that solo/small firm practice can be extremely lucrative and fun. We enjoy a crazy breadth of freedom and rock-bottom overhead. On the other hand, of all lawyers, simply by numerical fact, solo/small firm lawyers have the very least of the most precious commodity of all: TIME. If you are a solo/small lawyer, you have the narrowest “bandwidth” or “capacity” of all lawyers. Your line between “busy enough” and “too busy” may be razor thin and the consequences of crossing that line can pose literally fatal risks to your personal and professional lives.

What do you do about that?

Noon-1:00pm on Wednesday, April 8 at the MSBA office to hear from a panel of experienced solo and small firm practitioners: Karin Ciano, Karin Ciano Law, PLLC and the Minnesota Freelance Attorney Network, Michael Frasier, Rubric Legal, LLC, Kimberly M. Hanlon, Kimberly M. Hanlon LLC and me, Seth Leventhalspeak on the subject (click here for more information). DEADLINE TO REGISTER: MONDAY, APRIL 6.

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