• November 28, 2012

As reported this week by the Star Tribune and the Pioneer Press, the Minnesota Board of Judicial Standards (“BJS”), the board that provides oversight on the state’s judges, has filed a complaint against the Chief Judge of the Minnesota Tax Court, George Perez for misconduct. According to the complaint, Chief Judge Perez falsely certified that he had complied with Minn. Stat. § 271.20 (requiring judges to decide all matters within three months), refused to take new cases, and had a pattern of delay in deciding his cases. The complaint also details several cases where Chief Judge Perez took between 8 and 18 months to decide a case.

Chief Judge Perez has answered the complaint denying most of the allegations. He further asserts an affirmative defense that he followed the practices and procedures of the Tax Court in good faith. From here, the BJS will try the case in front of a three member panel and then forward recommended findings to the Minnesota Supreme Court for a final determination.

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