• May 25, 2011

Update (May 25, 2011):  Note also Gray Plant Mooty’s “entreview” blog, a blog about entrepreneurship started in March.

In late 2010, Greg Luce and the Minnesota State Bar Association put out their list of “top 25 Minnesota law blogs” (which they call “blawgs” and, among which, they included Minnesota Litigator, naturally (“a gem of a blog”)).   The list of Minnesota legal blogs, in the mean time, has been growing.

Large Minnesota firms have been moving into blogging.  Dorsey & Whitney, LLP has several blogs.  Winthrop & Weinstine’s Duets Blog, focusing on trademark law, is one of the older Twin Cities large firm blogs.  The Fredrikson & Byron firm seems to be testing the waters (“the other Twin Cities F&B firm,” Faegre & Benson, also).  Leonard Street & Deinard’s gotten into the act, as well.

Meanwhile, as the legal industry evolves and large firm lawyers branch out, new firms and new law blogs are born (see, for example, TJ Conley’s employment law blog (TJ Conley was former with Leonard Street & Deinard) or Turf Wars, brought to you by Capstone Law (a firm recently started by Rob Shainess, formerly with Fredrikson & Byron)).

Minnesota Litigator is obviously biased as to whether the proliferation of law blogs is a good thing or not.  That said, it seems clear that Minnesotans, as never before, have easy and broad access to insights of many Minnesota lawyers on many cutting edge legal issues FOR FREE!

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