• April 1, 2013

Cynics will say that the explosion of psychological diagnoses in recent years (more to come soon!) is a pharmacologically induced social evolution toward a society where all humans require some form of medication (for being too sleepy, too awake, too emotional, insufficiently emotional, too fat, too thin, too old, etc.).

One of my favorite controversial diagnoses is “SAD,” “seasonal affective disorder.” If you are made sad by relentless, cold, icy, windy, treacherous, and disgusting winter weather, you may be mentally ill.  Consult your doctor.  What other explanation could there be?

Minnesota Litigator, in recognition of Minnesota’s annual transformation from desolation to greenery, celebrates the change with a new series of photos by Chris Faust of Minnesota’s warmer weather months.  Enjoy (both the improved weather and the great photos)!


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