• July 9, 2012

Today, the author of this post and Minnesota Litigator’s founder turns 50 years old.  This is half-way to being an antique, some may suggest.  I prefer the description “upper middle-aged” over “half-way to antique.”  Sounds classier.  I like “no Spring chicken” too.

On this occasion, it seems appropriate to lay some minor wisdom on Minnesota Litigator readers.  (I am saving the major wisdom for 50 years from now).  And, so, here it is:

Life is short.

It is horrible to hear a person facing imminent death from a sudden and dire medical diagnosis, voice trembling, urging us all to enjoy each day as if it could be our last when, in that voice, one hears regret, when one hears the condemned passing on a message that, it seems, he himself wishes he had heeded sooner but didn’t.

I am fortunate to be healthy AND deeply aware of life’s transience AND hugely grateful to family, friends, colleagues, and community for 50 great years and more to come.  Words fall short but there you have it.

Thank you, Minnesota Litigator readers, for your contributions and your indulgence.  Please keep up the good work and please keep passing on information of news and commentary on Minnesota litigation!

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