• February 19, 2010

Minnesota Litigator’s focus is on news and developments of civil litigation in Minnesota state and federal courts, with intermittent breaks to touch on related subject matters.  When Aaron Biber, a prominent Twin Cities civil litigator is suddenly a prominent criminal defendant, a detour seems warranted.

Hennepin County Judge Lloyd Zimmerman, over objections from the prosecutor, Assistant Hennepin County Attorney Judy Johnston, has acceded to the request of Rachael Goldberger (“Because feeling guilty is punishment enough!” [sic]) on behalf of her client, former Gray Plant Mooty partner and antitrust litigator, Aaron Biber, to give him a few hours to help the family move from their home.  Apparently, Biber’s alleged victim feared Biber’s presence in the neighborhood.  Biber will be accompanied at all times by law enforcement. (News coverage here (but it adds little or no additional detail to what is summarized here.))

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