• March 17, 2015


Minnesota Litigator - exclamation point 5It’s not that people won’t be able to represent themselves anymore! It’s just that under proposed amendments to the court rules, they will be called something different.  Instead of being “pro se parties” or “unrepresented parties,” they will be called: “self-represented litigants.”

New rules of civil procedure will change the term “unrepresented party” to “self-represented litigant.”  And proposed general rules of practice will change the term “pro se party” to “self-represented litigant.”

Maybe pro se parties didn’t know they were pro se parties when reading the rules! This way it should be clear.

Other amendments will change the term “papers” to “documents” in the rules. Since we will be filing and serving things digitally more and more as paper gets phased out.  And “sexual preference” is changed to “sexual orientation.”

Click here and here to see the proposed rules.

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