• June 29, 2010

Lazaro Ortiz brought suit against The University Club of St. Paul and others for alleged employment discrimination.  The parties agreed to settle their differences in large part, one would expect, based on the payment of money from the defendants to the plaintiff.

But the settlement all signed and delivered, the money was not forthcoming.  Apparently, there was something of cash-flow issue from the payor, whoever that would have been among the defendants.  U.S. Mag. Judge Jeffrey Keyes (D. Minn.) ordered defendants to pay up (in essence — the nature of the order, an “order to show cause,” is not really an “order to pay up”) and when they did not, he made them pay plaintiffs’ attorneys’ fees for the expense of having to go to Court to bring a motion to enforce the settlement agreement.  U.S. District Court Judge Ann Montgomery (D. Minn. ) adopted Judge Keyes’ Report and Recommendation.

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