• December 31, 2009

The close of 2009 marks the first-anniversary of Minnesota Litigator blog (MLB). Although MLB’s traffic has been less than large websites attract in a single minute on a slow day, nearly 75% of MLB visits have been from Minnesotans across the entire state and, I suspect, the vast number of those from Minnesota lawyers.

MLB won’t be taking on TMZ any time soon or even SCOTUSblog in terms of web-traffic, but it seems that MLB has a readership and a purpose — reporting on news and developments in Minnesota civil litigation.

Thank you, MLB readers, and, again, thank you to contributors of ideas, comments, and tips.

In a gesture of gratitude, MLB will not have a “Top Ten” list. These are end-of-year fillers often back-fire, leaving the reader with the unpleasant thought, “I have been reading this *#^% all year long???”

Thank you again and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

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