• January 25, 2012

There are websites dedicated to a single legal matter (like the one here).  Minnesota Litigator, while indisputably a “niche” blog, is not quite so narrow as that.

On the other hand, there is a single case that seems to draw Minnesota Litigator again and again, nick-named: OUROBOROS (the name of the ancient symbol of the circular self-devouring snake).  

Here is the story, to date, after obviously a fairly huge amount of discovery from the plaintiff’s perspective.

One of the more interesting details coming to light is that fact that a jury consultant was brought into the AGA case and focus groups (along with apparently all the rest of earth’s homo sapiens inhabitants except for Michael LaFond) could not get their minds around “the Rug Story.” (See Mem of Law, p.20.).  (It seems that LaFond’s own colleagues might well have long ago concluded that Mr. Afremov was lying like a rug.)

Plaintiffs’ filing is also bringing some transparency into the otherwise completely opaque world of represented civil litigation. The curtain is pulled back and there are some very talented and distinguished Minnesota litigators working the levers (e.g., some interesting behind-the-scenes scenes are glimpsed here and here).

In the end, appropriately enough (ouroboros, after all), we are back where we started.  If a lawyer tells you to shoot yourself in the foot, and you do, can you sue him for giving you bad advice?  Lafond says of Afremov in an email to a colleague, “He has told me a hundred times that ‘I will do whatever you tell me to do Mike (meaning Mike LaFond)—-‘ and he will.”

So, if he does, who is responsible?

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