• January 18, 2017

Minneapolis Star Tribune File Photo

I never met or knew Larry Leventhal and I am pretty sure we are unrelated. But for my twenty years of practice in civil litigation in Minnesota, I have gotten telephone calls intended for Larry. Once, a judge told me, “You look like your father,” thinking I was Larry Leventhal’s son.

A few times, over the years, I reached out to Mr. Leventhal, hoping to get to know him because I had learned of his long history of activism on behalf of Native Americans and dedication to progressive causes, Unfortunately, I never had the chance to meet Larry. I am sure he had many more important things to do than meeting up with me, a stranger who only shared the same last name, the same profession, and, perhaps, a similar sense of justice.

I note in Mr. Leventhal’s obituary that U.S. District Court Judge Michael J. Davis is quoted as saying, “What we need is 1,000 more Larry Leventhals” and I would think this is all the more pressing in our current political climate.

One thought on “R.I.P. Attorney Larry Leventhal, Activist and Progressive for Native Americans and Others

  1. John Ledford

    As an official federal court reporter assigned to the Wounded Knee trial, I saw Mr. Leventhal’s tenacity in defending Dennis Banks and Russell Means. He was the treaty expert in the proceedings; his extensive knowledge of that are of criminal law was most impressive. I recall the thorn he put into the backs of the prosecution team – loved it!


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