• February 14, 2011

Redgrave LLP is a nationally recognized authority on issues related to electronic discovery but the boutique firm’s roots are in Minneapolis.  Jonathan Redgrave, now in Washington, D.C., went to the University of Minnesota for law school and, back in the day, was a principal at the Minneapolis law firm of Gray Plant Mooty.   Redgrave LLP now has offices in D.C., San Francisco but also keeps its Minneapolis connection (where Redgrave partners Andrew Cosgrove and Kenneth Prine are based).

When the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit needed expertise in connection with an e-discovery pilot project last month, they went to Redgrave LLP.   Redgrave’s “4 P’s of eDiscovery: Proportionality, Privilege, Preservation, and Privacy” is a particularly penetrating PowerPoint primer on the panoply of pitfalls faced by U.S. civil litigators.

(Seriously, its a very useful resource provided by Redgrave’s highly focused lawyers. Here is another resource dealing with the conundrum of legacy data remediation (e.g., “Will we get in trouble if we throw out this obsolete hard drive? This broken server? This outdated box of floppy disks? We cannot even know what data is on the media without incurring huge expense…”)

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