• September 7, 2012


Self-Devouring Snake


Over the past few years, Minnesota Litigator has enjoyed following the legal malpractice case of Michael Afremov against Michael LaFond pending before U.S. District Court Judge Patrick J. Schiltz (D. Minn.).  For a blog that covers “news and commentary about Minnesota litigation,” it is irresistable.

The case involves an underlying lawsuit (Afremov v. Amplatz) (which had a huge e-discovery drama and myriad allegations of kick-backs and other misconduct), an underlying related criminal proceeding and admitted tax fraud (I.R.S. v .Afremov), millions of dollars of attorneys’ fees, and a “who’s who” of Minnesota civil litigation stars in underlying proceedings (e.g., Pentelovich, Wahl, Kelley (none of whom are alleged to have been involved in any wrong-doing)).  The allegations of layers of greed, lies, and self-dealing (but not against the aforementioned Minnesota litigation luminaries), combined into a complex gâteau de mille-feuilles layer-cake of alleged wrong-doing.

And that is all before the filing of the icing of the legal malpractice lawsuit, Michael Afremov v. Michael LaFond, et al., where the plaintiff/criminal defendant turned on his beloved lawyer.

But, with motions in limine (here and here, for example) and summary judgment motions (here and here), this twisted tail may finally be coming to a head!

Hearing on the motions is set for 9 a.m., October 5, before U.S. District Court Judge Patrick J. Schiltz (D. Minn.).

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