• July 18, 2015
Seth Leventhal, LEVENTHAL pllc

Seth Leventhal, LEVENTHAL pllc

As discussed in the previous post, the Thomson Reuters “Super Lawyer” designation is, in my view, something of a tarnished honor (at best), because it is so plainly a money-making venture by the prize-giver, given literally at the expense of the prize recipients.

Not so with the Minnesota State Bar Association (MSBA) Civil Trial Specialist Designation that I (and four other Minnesotar trial lawyers) have just earned:

The certified specialist designation is earned by leading attorneys who have completed a rigorous approval process, including an examination in the specialty area, peer review, and documented experience. Certified attorneys have demonstrated superior knowledge, skill and integrity in their specific field and can use the designation of specialist to advertise their credentials. . . . This achievement has been earned by fewer than 3% of all licensed Minnesota attorneys. More information about Certified Legal Specialists is at www.mnbar.org/certify.

As opposed to the Thomson Reuters Super Lawyer designation, which is determined opaquely and mysteriously through Thomson Reuters’ proprietary algorithm and which becomes a springboard for Thomson Reuters’ shameless swag mart, the MSBA Civil Trial Specialist designation requires real proof of proven experience and non-anonymous recommendations and recognition (by judges, adversaries, and colleagues).

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