• October 21, 2013
Wrong Turn?

Wrong Turn?

Update (October 21, 2013): Like I said below, lawyers, like their closest genetic relatives, human beings, should get professional help if they need it for the illness of alcoholism.  I speculate that substance abuse might play a role in the challenges that Twin Cities attorney, Mark Alan Greenman, now seems to be facing.

Original post (January 25, 2013):  In the case of Minnesota v. Mark Alan Greenman, the Minnesota Court Appeals this past week ruled that a Segway is not a motor vehicle and we can drive one drunk without fear of criminal prosecution apparently.  Note that Minnesota Court of Appeals Judge Roger Klaphake dissented.  Apparently, far as he is concerned, a Segway is a motor vehicle. 

Alcoholism can be a crippling and even fatal disease.  See Lawyers Concerned For Lawyers.  Drinking causes problems, legal and otherwise.  Lawyers, and also human beings, should get help if they need it.

Abby Simon covered the story for the Star Tribune this week.




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