Update (June10, 2015):  New amendments to the court rules take effect on July 1.  A few highlights: There must be “consecutive pagination” of all pages in affidavits and trial exhibits from start to finish. A declaration that a filing was submitted “under penalty of perjury” will suffice rather than notarization for many documents. The rules […]

We are moving rapidly towards e-filing and digitization of Minnesota court filings. More records will be accessible via home computers. Many of those that aren’t available that way will be available from courthouse computers. And from any courthouse computer, so that documents filed in, say, a case docketed in Ramsey County will be available from […]

  It’s not that people won’t be able to represent themselves anymore! It’s just that under proposed amendments to the court rules, they will be called something different.  Instead of being “pro se parties” or “unrepresented parties,” they will be called: “self-represented litigants.” New rules of civil procedure will change the term “unrepresented party” to […]