• August 3, 2010

Minnesota Litigator did not cover the recent large St. Jude v Medtronic alleged employee-raiding case in Ramsey County this past week (leaving it to mainstream and trade media, which covered the story) but also noted another less high profile med-device-related employee-raiding case, so far under the radar but with some fairly surprising allegations.

The most interesting allegation in ev3 Inc. et al. v. Cardiovascular Systems, Inc. (“CSI”), a case until recently with pleadings under seal, may be that CSI is alleged to have actually had ev3 employees, while working at ev3, promoting competitor CSI’s products — so-called “pre-selling.” ¬†Also, CSI is alleged to have taken the job-interviewing process a bit far, not only using the process to evaluate potential candidates but also to pilfer proprietary information from competitors.

CSI is represented in this litigation by Joe Anthony and Mary Knoblauch of Anthony Ostlund & Baer.  Plaintiff ev3 is represented by Jeff Bouslog and Kathy Kimmel of the Oppenheimer law firm.

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