• March 19, 2009

From a recent U.S. Court of Appeals, Seventh Circuit, Order affirming the U.S. District Court grant of summary judgment for the defendant:

“Gary Lizalek’s religious beliefs make for a complicated identity. As a matter of faith, he understands himself to be three separate beings: (1) GARY C LIZALEK, “a trust that was created by the Social Security Administration . . . to generate assets for its beneficiary, the United States Government”; (2) Gary C. Lizalek, Trustee; and (3) Gary C. Lizalek, Steward, who “lends . . . consciousness and physical abilities to said Trust.

His employer asked that he stick with a single identity for professional purposes, but Lizalek refused. Shortly thereafter he was terminated. The district court held that this decision broke no law, and we affirm.”

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