• March 14, 2014

Trench WarfareI am happy to report having won a jury trial verdict of $10 million this week and I can tell you that it was no cakewalk. I hope that the trial is a giant step toward the fast, full, and final resolution of what has been a very challenging situation.

Our trial adversaries were polished and relentless. Plaintiff’s counsel was seriously out-numbered and under-resourced. In addition, a violent illness swept through plaintiff’s entire lawyer team, AND our client, AND one of our key witnesses just before and during the week-long trial.  I will not go into detail. Suffice it to say that I have never identified more with the men in the accompanying old photo than I do now. There were many grim moments.

I also want to recognize and acknowledge the critical assistance of Shepherd Data Services throughout the 20-month long case and at trial.

And I conclude the post with immense gratitude to our jury system. Trial lawyers often fall over themselves fawning to the jury about how much we appreciate their service and, as we all know, no demographic is more full of @*$ than trial lawyers (except maybe certain politicians?). But there are times when we truly mean what we say and this is one of those times. The jury system is not perfect, to be sure, but it is an amazing dispute resolution model that relies on American citizens sacrificing valuable time and making sincere efforts to reach the right result as the jury did in this case.

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