• February 14, 2013
Ouroboros: The Self-Devouring Snake

Ouroboros: The Self-Devouring Snake

Trilby was a novel written in 1894 by George Du Maurier.  In the novel, an evil character, Svengali, hypnotised his vulnerable subject, a young and beautiful woman named Trilby O’Ferrall.  Svengali controlled Trilby for a spell (and with a spell), until the spell was finally broken.

Plaintiff Michael Afremov’s case against his former lawyer, Michael LaFond seems largely premised on the idea that LaFond, rather than, or in addition to, Afremov himself, needs to pony up for Afremov’s wrong-doing or, at a minimum, return the outsized fees that LaFond collected as Afremov’s lawyer and his co-conspirator in a kickback cover-up scheme that did not pan out all that well for Mr. Afremov (a guilty plea for tax fraud).

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The beast lives on.  But barely.  (Will this REALLY go to trial???)

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