• September 27, 2012

The Hennepin County Bar Association (HCBA) has joined in the opposition to Voter ID Amendment to the Minnesota Constitution, which is nothing less than attempt to disenfranchise large numbers of eligible voters for political advantage under the virtually transparent disguise of “voter fraud protection,” a fabricated ill that does not warrant any remedy, much less one with harmful side effects on our democracy.

[T]ake deliberate and meaningful action to defeat the proposed amendment to the Minnesota Constitution that would require a current photo ID to vote; specifically, HCBA members are urged to speak with family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues about the need to oppose this constitutional amendment, and to become involved in organized efforts to defeat the amendment, such as those coordinated by the group “Our Vote, Our Future.”

Seth Leventhal, though unapologetically partisan in Minnesota politics, is a Minnesota civil litigator who is proud to represent clients across the entire political spectrum, because all clients deserve strong and effective advocates regardless of political persuasion.

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