• May 19, 2016
Vice President Spiro Agnew coined the phrase,  "NN of N"

Vice President Spiro Agnew coined the phrase, “NN of N”

Critics are relentless in their criticism but they are stingy with their gratitude. After all, people enjoy critics because critics voice opposition.

Having said that, if a critic does not acknowledge progress in those whom he criticizes, does the critic not become a mere nattering nabob of negativity? Is there not a big and important line between a critic (who is a good person) and a cynic (who is not a good person)?

This is by way of saying “Thank you” to the StarTribune, which I have frequently criticized for failing to link to court documents. “Thank you” for deviating from your common practice in a post today about supposed heirs to the fortune of He-Who-Is-Widely-Known-As-Prince.

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