• August 20, 2014

In early 2011, Minnesota Litigator noted the unorthodox website of Twin Cities lawyer, Marc G. Kurzman. Specifically, Mr. Kurzman includes ten quotes from unnamed sitting judges supposedly praising Mr. Kurzman’s “moral character” and his “legal acumen.”


The man has a veritable rap sheet of ethical violations stretching back twenty years.

I note that Mr. Kurzman was found in 2003 to have falsely stated to a court that he was a pharmacist admitted to practice in Minnesota and other states. His website still promotes him as “a Patent Attorney and a Pharmacist” among his other many claimed accomplishments.


What I REALLY have a hard time getting my head around is how there can be so many fine Minnesota lawyers, young and old, desperate for work and, yet, at the same time, there seem to be some….shall we say,¬†perhaps unfit lawyers?…who seem to stay pretty busy. Is this an instance of “market failure” or what? Am I missing something?

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