• July 10, 2014

Trial_by_Jury_UsherReaders may wonder why Minnesota Litigator, which covers news and commentary about Minnesota civil litigation, is not covering the biggest local civil trial of the year (if not of the past several years) that is going on right now: Ventura v. Kyle.

Answers: (1) I do not have the time to cover the day-to-day of trial and the Minnesota Star Tribune has that covered, and (2) if you are curious, Minnesota Litigator has covered this case for years (see older posts here (if you do look, not the link at the bottom of the page for still more older older posts)).

I will note, however, that this is the perfect jury trial in the sense that the lawsuit depends on evidence, facts, testimony, and credibility. We do not know who will win and we do not know if “the right side,” whichever it might be, will win at trial. But there is no system on earth that I am aware of better at giving each side the opportunity to present and prove its case before a group of people, the jury, who have no vested interest aside from fairness and justice.

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