• March 17, 2015
Mark Ginder, Minnesota Litigator

Mark Ginder, Minnesota Litigator

I have enjoyed Minnesota Litigator profiles of “unsung” Minnesota trial lawyer heroes of mine (here, linked, is the latest and, at the bottom of it previous profiles).

There are many exceptional Minnesota litigators that I will never be able to profile because there is a lot of unrecognized talent and also because, sadly, some great colleagues, like Mark Ginder (like Bricker Lavik, like Mike Ford) have died before I could have the honor of honoring them with a profile.

Mark and I overlapped at Dorsey & Whitney L.L.P., which I left in 2009. Mark was a “Dorsey lifer.” At a big shop like that, some lawyers carve out specific niches of expertise on which others at the firm rely for decades. Mark was “the expert guy,” by which I mean that Mark worked with a great many experts in a great many large and complex cases. It is a cliché to say, “his door was always open.” But that common and not all that dazzling praise, understates Mark’s kindness, his expertise, and his generosity. It overlooks his essential kindness and his gentle humor. I am grateful for the chance I had, brief though it was, to work alongside the likes of Mark Ginder.

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