• November 14, 2012

Regular Minnesota Litigator readers will by now have been trained to recognize (and to name) the graphic image to the left to associate it with coverage of a particularly hard-fought and long-standing legal malpractice lawsuit (which, incidentally, has been conspicuously quiet for some weeks now).

But, it may be noted that the legal malpractice claim is only one of several battle-fronts for Plaintiff Michael Afremov.  For example, there is the fight over the casino never built in Armenia.  (No joke.)

Fortunately for Mr. Afremov, it is looking like litigating this unfortunate commercial disaster will not consume large amounts of time and money for him.

This is one of the silver-linings, as it were, of doing business with shady characters.  They rarely engage in the bright-light arena of civil litigation so, at least, one can get a default judgment against them expeditiously.  (The challenge, naturally, is not winning the case but finding the cash.)  (Here’s another example, that seems to have taken more time to play out but with the same result.)

Congratulations to Twin Cities litigator, Andrew Bardwell, for lining up the pins for Michael Afremov so that U.S. District Court Judge Susan R. Nelson (D. Minn.) could knock them down and get Mr. Afremov one step closer (he hopes!) toward recovering money from his failed Armenian casino venture.

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