• April 8, 2011

Update (April 7, 2011):  Minnpost covers defendants’ answer (and posts the actual formal answer).

Original post (March 16, 2011):  An AP Reporter Jon Krawcynski and the Associated Press are before U.S. District Court Judge John R. Tunheim (D. Minn.) because NBA Ref William H. Spooner takes exception to a Krawcynski tweet which seemed to suggest that Spooner, having made a bad call, promised Timberwolves coach, Kurt Rambis, that he would “get it back” on a later call (that is, he would balance out a sketchy call against the Wolves with a compensatory sketchy call in the Wolves favor).   Here is the complaint.

Without coming to any conclusions about Spooner’s claims (or the APs defenses) it is clear that the immediacy and spontaneity of blogs, twitter accounts, and related “social media” have generated more than their fair share of “improvident” and quickly much-regretted communications lately

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