• November 21, 2016

Poker ChipsI recently posted about a weak employment case in which the plaintiff, Mr. Schaefer, unsuccessfully argued that the horse-play at work, which included kicking and hitting fellow employees in the groin, constituted “sexual abuse,” warranting a longer statute of limitation (six years) than Minnesotans get for the intentional tort of battery (two years).

Only a week later Mr. Schaefer’s lawyer, Adrianna Shannon, knocked the ball out of the park for other clients of her firm, Curtis Anthony and Pro Logistics.

Anthony sold his business to Qwinstar. Qwinstar sued Anthony, claiming that he had misrepresented what he was selling. Sr. U.S. District Court Judge Richard H. Kyle, Sr. (D. Minn.) awarded summary judgment to Anthony and Pro Logistics on their counterclaim to the tune of $800,000 plus atttorneys’ fees (yet to be determined).

The variety of experience in the job of a civil litigator can be a great thing. While dramatic reversals of fortune can be traumatic and losses can be humiliating, almost all trial lawyers have several on-going unrelated cases at any one time so, over time, a disappointment in one case is likely to be balanced by a win in another. Congratulations to §hannon Law this time around at least!


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