Update (October 16, 2014): It is very rare for there to be “amicus” filings in trial court cases (that is, filings by interested third-parties, non-parties to the litigation). The legal malpractice lawsuit by JJ Holand against the Twin Cities law firm of Fredrikson & Byron is such a case. Can Fredrikson & Byron (“F&B”) hide […]

Update (July 15, 2013): [Editor’s update] Motion to dismiss this legal malpractice claim against the Twin Cities law firm of Fredrikson & Byron based on the statute of limitations is denied. Even if the statutes of limitation began to run in October 2004, when Fredrikson first allegedly communicated the possibility of its error, Fredrikson may have tolled the […]

With the passing of another “Cyber Monday” comes the not so secret news that consumers are comfortable (and eager) to shop for goods and services on the internet more than ever before. While this trend is lucrative to online suppliers, it puts local affiliate retailers in a bind. How can the local retailers stay in […]

This summer has been one of the hottest on record for the Twin Cities (as well as the nation). To me, after being bombarded with seemingly endless heat, there are few things better than going to a water park (or taking a trip down a Slip n’ Slide). Building a large water park, particularly an […]

Update (July 31, 2012):  There is evidence that repeated and flagrant violations of Rule 11 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure is a bad business model.   Original post (July 26, 2012):  Minnesota Litigator has previously reported on Minneapolis attorney William Butler’s wholly unsuccessful attempts to defend against foreclosure actions using the debunked “show […]

The seemingly endless Petters litigation saga continues. In February, Minnesota Litigator reported that the litigious hedge fund Ritchie Capital Management  sued Fredrickson & Byron and attorney Simon Root for, among other things, violations of the RICO Act, fraud and tortuous interference for allegedly failing to formalize security interest in Tom Petters’ wholly owned company, Polaroid Corporation. […]

Update #3 (May 17, 2011): The Mooney class action was filed in U.S. District Court (District of Minnesota) in February, 2006.  Anyone who wants to track the long hard road of nationwide class action litigation should read the string of posts below and U.S. District Court Judge Ann D. Montgomery’s decision, issued last week, in […]

Defendant Uponor, Inc. sought the dismissal of a class action complaint against it, arguing that the complaint was insufficiently detailed (failed to meet Rule 9(b) requirements of “particularity”), that plaintiffs had failed to allege damages, that plaintiffs’ negligence-based claims were barred by the economic loss doctrine, that plaintiffs’ warranty claims failed due to the failure […]

Many have scratched their heads and wondered (and asked their lawyer friends) how convicted billion-dollar ponzi schemer Tom Petters’ lawyers are getting paid. Today’s Order, below, from the U.S. District Court (D. Minn.) answers the question. Petters Legal Fees Order

[12/11/09 UPDATE: The Minnesota Litigator jumped the gun. Before the appeal comes Fair Isaac’s motion for an amended judgment, judgment as a matter of law, a new trial or, in the alternative, findings of fact filed 12/10/09.] In a large lawsuit covered in this blog previously here (discovery deadline dispute), here (technology in the courtroom), […]