Update (October 16, 2014): It is very rare for there to be “amicus” filings in trial court cases (that is, filings by interested third-parties, non-parties to the litigation). The legal malpractice lawsuit by JJ Holand against the Twin Cities law firm of Fredrikson & Byron is such a case. Can Fredrikson & Byron (“F&B”) hide […]

Update (July 15, 2013): [Editor’s update] Motion to dismiss this legal malpractice claim against the Twin Cities law firm of Fredrikson & Byron based on the statute of limitations is denied. Even if the statutes of limitation began to run in October 2004, when Fredrikson first allegedly communicated the possibility of its error, Fredrikson may have tolled the […]

Update #3 (June 6, 2012): Two years of uncertainty from a pending claim of legal malpractice is settled while the U.S. District Court’s decision in favor of the Maslon firm was pending on appeal before the U.S. Court of Appeals.  The appellate briefs are here and here.   For many reasons, legal malpractice claims are […]

Plaintiff artist made paintings, “Infamous Golf Holes,” which he submitted to GM’s Cadillac division for possible use in advertising about ten years ago. Cadillac took a pass but then, plaintiff believes, misappropriated his images or ideas in Cadillac advertising. (Aside: plaintiff appears to have made more than $3 million with his golf paintings over the […]