March 25, 2016 (update):  So spoke the Minnesota Supreme Court this week: “A domain name is intangible personal property subject to garnishment.” May 8, 2015 (Original post by Minnesota IP-focused lawyer, Paul Godfread): The Minnesota Supreme Court recently agreed to hear an appeal dealing with whether domain names and websites are “property” under a Minnesota garnishment statute, […]

On December 10, Jammie Thomas-Rasset filed a petition for a writ certiorari with the U.S. Supreme Court (meaning that she seeks review of an intermediate appellate court’s ruling against her) asking to have a jury verdict reduced on the grounds that the award is excessive and violates her due process rights. Thomas-Rasset shared 24 songs […]

Chief Judge Michael Davis (D. Minn.) has reduced the judgment against Jammie Thomas-Rasset down from $80,000 per illegally downloaded song to $2,250. (The earlier jury verdict covered here.) (Today’s opinion, after the break.)Capitol Records v Jammie Rasset

Today Yahoo! Inc. voluntarily dismissed its lawsuit brought a month ago against the NFL in the United States District Court to establish its rights to use player statistics in its fantasy football without paying licensing fees. Yahoo presumably brought its case here in Minnesota based on favorable Eighth Circuit law. The voluntary dismissal without prejudice […]

Jammie Thomas-Rasset, the defendant in the copyright infringement case brought against her by the record labels, socked with $1.9 million verdict in $80,000 increments for different songs/different record labels. Most ironic: Reba McEntire’s, “One Honest Heart”? Gloria Estefan, “Rhythm is Going to Get You”? “Don’t Stop Believin’,” by Journey? Sheryl Crow, “Run, Baby, Run”? Thomas-Rasset […]

The Thomas-Rasset trial, discussed below, appears headed to the jury. Below are the jury instructions. Jury Instructions in Thomas-Rasset Copyright Case

A new trial started today before United States Court Judge Richard Kyle, D. Minn., in a file-sharing case that has gotten nationwide attention. The defendant has new lawyers who’ve made the trip from Texas to go up against the recording companies (along with Minnesota local counsel). The Court ruled on a handful of pretrial motions […]