Covered here and here previously, the battle of the bikes settled today.  The Star Tribune article did not set out all of the terms of the settlement, which are likely confidential but part of the settlement was a $100,000 contribution to, a charity that LeMond apparently favors.

It is relatively rare to have an eviction proceeding in federal court but when landlord and tenant are from different states and the stakes are high enough, it can happen. Tenant Office Depot removed an action for eviction brought against it by landlord City Center, and now finds itself before U.S. Judge Richard Kyle (D. […]

The U.S. Government through the U.S. Attorney’s Office (D. Minn., B. Todd Jones, U.S. Attorney) moved for a preliminary order for forfeiture on Friday from businesses of convicted swindler Thomas J. Petters. The breadth of Petters’ wrong-doing is breath-taking and, to give a feeling of the scale, note that Petters had $35,353,320,826.13 of deposits in […]

Last month, this blog covered the parties’ attempt to dispose of the lawsuit before trial on motions for summary judgment.  Now, motions have been denied (in part).  Next stop: 1/28/09 Settlement Conference.

The Wall Street Journal Law blog, Ashby Jones, interviews Dean Lewis as the Petters jury takes the balance of the week of for the holiday, to resume deliberation on Monday. Lewis: “I’d be stunned if he were acquitted.”

Greg LeMond and LeMond Cycling Inc. have been battling Trek before Judge Richard Kyle, U.S. District Court, D. Minn., since April of 2008 and Trek now attempts to put an end to the case on summary judgment. LeMond appears to have made a substantial amount of money through his collaboration with Trek, but not what […]

Experienced Minnesota personal injury attorney, Tom Conlin, argued this week to revive a lawsuit against Lutsen Mountains ski area lost on summary judgment. An eye witness made statements around the time of a devastating accident, statements which she later disavowed. (The accident apparently left the injured plaintiff unable to testify as to the circumstances of […]

T-Mobile takes Brooklyn Park to federal court (Judge Kyle, in particular) in a battle over whether the city wrongfully denied T-Mobile’s application for permission to install a cell phone tower. (Aren’t petitions for writs of mandamus abolished in federal court?) (Is there a problem with going to federal court for the federal court to order […]

The Eighth Circuit revived a plaintiff’s hostile work environment claim that the U.S. District Court, D. Minn. (Kyle, J.) had thrown out. Plaintiffs first brought suit against American Building Maintenance Inc. (ABMI), the parent company of their employer, American Building Maintenance of Kentucky (ABMK), which they added more than 90 days later. They made claims […]

A new trial started today before United States Court Judge Richard Kyle, D. Minn., in a file-sharing case that has gotten nationwide attention. The defendant has new lawyers who’ve made the trip from Texas to go up against the recording companies (along with Minnesota local counsel). The Court ruled on a handful of pretrial motions […]