As a new lawyer, I have only heard about how important litigating in your own backyard is to the outcome of your case. However, as an unabashed sports fan and I know that having home-field advantage in critical games can be awfully important and seasoned lawyers know the same: having home-court advantage is one of […]

Covered here and here previously, the battle of the bikes settled today.  The Star Tribune article did not set out all of the terms of the settlement, which are likely confidential but part of the settlement was a $100,000 contribution to, a charity that LeMond apparently favors.

As discussed just yesterday on this blog, widely known car dealer Denny Hecker seems somewhat against the ropes in the bankruptcy cases (and the divorce case) in which he is involved. Clearly he’s still got some fight in him. Today, he filed suit against GMAC. (Complaint after the break)Hecker v GMAC height=”500″ width=”100%” >     […]

It seems to me that an unwritten rule of U.S. civil litigation is that courts, in a large number of cases in which the award of attorneys’ fees is a possibility, prefer not to award them (and it is common, also, for courts to give fee claims a “haircut.” See, e.g., here.) Redman v. Sinex, […]

A while back, this blog reported on a Minnesota case (C.H. Robinson v. FLS Transportation) involving a Canadian firm bound by a forum selection clause in a contract to which it was not a party. Today, U.S. District Court Judge John Tunheim ruled against British Confectionary, a British company with a plant in Labrador Newfoundland, […]

Well over 90% of cases settle, many on the courthouse steps, some while the jury deliberates, and others, post-verdict while the case is on appeal.  Too bad the court system does not permit a “dual track” scenario where the parties settle the case, but also, just out of curiosity, the court decides a pending motion, […]

Last month, this blog covered the parties’ attempt to dispose of the lawsuit before trial on motions for summary judgment.  Now, motions have been denied (in part).  Next stop: 1/28/09 Settlement Conference.

Greg LeMond and LeMond Cycling Inc. have been battling Trek before Judge Richard Kyle, U.S. District Court, D. Minn., since April of 2008 and Trek now attempts to put an end to the case on summary judgment. LeMond appears to have made a substantial amount of money through his collaboration with Trek, but not what […]