As a new lawyer, I have only heard about how important litigating in your own backyard is to the outcome of your case. However, as an unabashed sports fan and I know that having home-field advantage in critical games can be awfully important and seasoned lawyers know the same: having home-court advantage is one of […]

The FBA hosted a panel on Monday, moderated by Mag. Judge Arthur Boylan on settlement conferences/mediations, which included Lew Remele, one of Minnesota’s best known lawyers and mediators, Judge Jonathan Lebedoff, former Hennepin County judge and former U.S. Magistrate Judge, and Susan Richard Nelson, U.S. Magistrate Judge and likely future U.S. District Court Judge (D. […]

The MinnLawyer blog is reporting that Susan Richard Nelson has been picked for the open seat on the United States District Court, District of Minnesota.  Actually, the blog suggests that Sen. Klobuchar “will nominate” Judge Nelson but this of course is the President’s prerogative.  The Star Tribune has confirmed that Sen. Klobuchar has recommended Judge […]