Update (September 6, 2012): ┬áJust in time for the new school year comes an initial ruling on the validity and boundaries of Facebook speech in public high schools. Chief Judge Michael Davis (D. Minn.) partially granted the Minnewaska School District’s motion to dismiss, but left the majority of the claims in 12-year-old R.S.’s Complaint live […]

[UPDATE: ┬áMag. Judge Jeanne Graham (D. Minn.) rejects the defendant’s theory of the breadth of privilege from discovery but provides a procedure to evaluate a subset of some of the privilege claims made.] Arguing for a protective order of a scope and breadth that this author’s not seen before, counsel for Taren Ibn Zayad Academy […]

Similar to “tweets” from the Proposition 8 Trial in California, MinnLawyer blog has sent a reporter to all-day motion hearings in Ramsey County.

Plaintiff George Boley claimed that he was defamed by Jennifer Prestholdt, Deputy Director of the MAHR, in a 11/16/06 interview with Kerri Miller, Minnesota Public Radio, regarding alleged crimes in Liberia and a related Truth and Reconciliation Commission.  Defendants Prestholdt and the MAHR, represented by Faegre & Benson, sought summary judgment on their anti-SLAPP defense […]

Minnesota Public Radio reporter Sasha Aslanian broke a story about alleged free and public access to confidential and personal data of Minnesota state employees through a Houston, Texas-based company, Lookout Services. As a consequence, there appears to be a threat of  Computer Fraud and Abuse Act complaint against her (Minnpost Piece, here). Talk about a […]

The ACLU is taking on the Tarek Ibn Zayad Academy (“TIZA”) Charter school for an alleged violation of First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution — i.e., the Establishment Clause. TIZA attempted to turn the tables and came out fighting with several counterclaims — tortious interference, business defamation. Today, the U.S. District Court, D. Minn., disposed […]

This case is set for hearing before the U.S. Supreme Court on December 1.  Here is all you need to know everything about the case. Milavetz Gallop & Milavetz, P.A. is counsel of record and is also a party in Milavetz, Gallop v. U.S., 08-1119, and U.S. v. Milavetz, Gallop, 08-1225, consolidated cases before the […]