Attorney John Murrin – of DIAL L-A-W-Y-E-R-S fame – was thrown into involuntary bankruptcy by his creditors after failing to pay over $460,000 in sanctions and costs for pursuing frivolous claims, engaging in bad-faith litigation, and failing to comply with several court orders (which led Hennepin County District Court Judge Denise Reilly to issue a bench […]

Bankruptcy is a means by which people and businesses can get a “fresh start” when they cannot otherwise escape their debts.  What they generally seek is “discharge” of their debts.  Not all debts are dischargeable, however.  Moreover, under certain circumstances, a debtor may choose to waive his right to discharge of debt if, for example, […]

Given the size and complexity of the Petters scheme, it is no surprise that it will take some time for the government to figure out a plan for restitution and so it is no surprise that the government has asked the Court for more time to sort through the issues in regard to restitution. (See […]

Not a surprising development, but nonetheless worthy of news.  The Trustee’s 38-page complaint against Hecker is after the break, and sets out the “Northstate concealment scheme,” the “Girlfriend transfers,” the “Land Rover scheme,” the “Northridge scheme,” the “Rolex scheme,” concealed assets, the “Crosslake scheme” — eight counts attempting to deny Hecker discharge of his debts […]

This morning’s Star Tribune reports that Judge Robert Kressel’s patience is being tried by what he views as a less than forth-coming attitude by Hecker in regard to Hecker’s obligations to produce documents in discovery related to Chrysler Financial’s claims against Hecker. On a different front, U.S. District Court Judge Magnuson affirmed Judge Kressel’s early order […]

Dennnis Hecker faces civil discovery and a number of civil complaints in his personal bankruptcy case and sought the Court’s help (by staying those cases) in preserving his rights as a potential criminal defendant (that is, his right to remain silent) in the event he is criminally charged based on the transactions that are the […]

This case is set for hearing before the U.S. Supreme Court on December 1.  Here is all you need to know everything about the case. Milavetz Gallop & Milavetz, P.A. is counsel of record and is also a party in Milavetz, Gallop v. U.S., 08-1119, and U.S. v. Milavetz, Gallop, 08-1225, consolidated cases before the […]

(How many negatives are in that sentence?) In disallowing Dennis “Denny” Hecker’s homestead exemption claim today, Bankruptcy Judge Robert Kressel has rejected Dennis E. Hecker’s “insider reverse veil piercing theory,” one of many perhaps convoluted legal theories that has evolved from the invention of the corporation.  In a nutshell, Hecker claimed the homestead exemption under […]

Allen Stanford, Marc Dreier, Bernie Madoff, Tom Petters… More than a few cases these days are at or near the intersection of criminal law and bankruptcy law and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit, reviewing an appeal from the Bankruptcy Appellate Panel for the Eighth Circuit has weighed in today. The basic […]

Someone (Langlie) gets into a business deal with an old friend, Farr; Farr will contruct a residential home, on spec, which Langlie will fund and the two plan to split the proceeds upon sale of the property. Langlie is to fund the project, with Farr calling him periodically for cash draws to fund construction. Unfortunately […]