Bankruptcy is a means by which people and businesses can get a “fresh start” when they cannot otherwise escape their debts.  What they generally seek is “discharge” of their debts.  Not all debts are dischargeable, however.  Moreover, under certain circumstances, a debtor may choose to waive his right to discharge of debt if, for example, […]

This morning’s Star Tribune reports that Judge Robert Kressel’s patience is being tried by what he views as a less than forth-coming attitude by Hecker in regard to Hecker’s obligations to produce documents in discovery related to Chrysler Financial’s claims against Hecker. On a different front, U.S. District Court Judge Magnuson affirmed Judge Kressel’s early order […]

Apparently Dennis Hecker’s former secretary decided to take some documents with her when she left her job working for him and, when served a subpoena by Chrysler Finance, who has a lawsuit against Hecker, she produced the computer files to Chrysler Finance. Now Hecker’s counsel not only wants the files returned, because they were allegedly […]

Dennnis Hecker faces civil discovery and a number of civil complaints in his personal bankruptcy case and sought the Court’s help (by staying those cases) in preserving his rights as a potential criminal defendant (that is, his right to remain silent) in the event he is criminally charged based on the transactions that are the […]