Given the size and complexity of the Petters scheme, it is no surprise that it will take some time for the government to figure out a plan for restitution and so it is no surprise that the government has asked the Court for more time to sort through the issues in regard to restitution. (See […]

The U.S. Government through the U.S. Attorney’s Office (D. Minn., B. Todd Jones, U.S. Attorney) moved for a preliminary order for forfeiture on Friday from businesses of convicted swindler Thomas J. Petters. The breadth of Petters’ wrong-doing is breath-taking and, to give a feeling of the scale, note that Petters had $35,353,320,826.13 of deposits in […]

Minneapolis criminal defense counsel, Rachael Goldberger’s website promotes her services with the tagline, “Because feeling guilty is punishment enough.” It is very early in what appears to be a criminal prosecution of her client, Minneapolis attorney Aaron Biber, but the allegations are serious.  If proven, it would seem that feeling guilty is not enough under […]

The Wall Street Journal Law blog, Ashby Jones, interviews Dean Lewis as the Petters jury takes the balance of the week of for the holiday, to resume deliberation on Monday. Lewis: “I’d be stunned if he were acquitted.”

Dennnis Hecker faces civil discovery and a number of civil complaints in his personal bankruptcy case and sought the Court’s help (by staying those cases) in preserving his rights as a potential criminal defendant (that is, his right to remain silent) in the event he is criminally charged based on the transactions that are the […]